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Code Dungeon is a short atmospheric dungeon crawler hack-n-slash game where you fight your way up a tower through hordes of enemies.

The game saves your progress every time you ascend a floor. There are 4 floors.



Code dungeon was designed to be accessible to people with low vision or no vision. The game offers

  • Strongly directional audio spatialization: using similar Binaural Audio as VR games.  
  • High Contrast graphics.
  • Reconfigurable Controls
  • Supports Keyboard only mode, or Keyboard + Mouse.
  • Supports NVDA and other popular screen readers.
  • Enemies with Audio Cues for attacks.
  • Has an Audio-Only Navigation System (Check out the tutorial)
  • "Super Cane" wall detection: Audio cues to indicate distance to walls  and objects.


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codedungeon-win-64.zip 33 MB
Version 1.2.7
codedungeon-linux.zip 35 MB
Version 1.2.5
codedungeon-mac.zip 32 MB
Version 1.2.5

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Hi, first of all I love the sound and feel of this game. Very well done! I want more! :D I only have one question. There is this one monster that charges at you, then seems to hide and catch it's breath before charging at me again. I cannot reliably seem to target/hit it. There is an alert sound that increases in pitch that plays near the monster, but even trying to go for it does not seem to work. I thought that I had to be facing the monster a certain way to hit it, but I can't seem to figure that out either. I always die to it in the very last fight no matter what I do. I can fiddle my way around combatting it through the first 3 floors, but in the last battle there are just too many to brute force it. Am I doing something wrong? 

That monster is one of the most difficult ones; It has armor on the front and a weakpoint on the back.

Something that might help is understanding the sword swings; Right mouse button will swing your sword from Right to Left. Left mouse does the opposite. 
If you hear the monster panting on your left side, try to use the sword from the right; you'll have a better chance of hitting him since you wont hit his armor.

Im happy to hear you got so far! It is quite difficult. I'm pushing a small patch today with a bunch of small fixes.


I think the difficulty, as well as the sound work (both design and sound engine) is what just doesn't let me stop. I really, really want to finish this last fight but hitting that one monster is very very tricky! Especially with many of them running around. So I was right in thinking that there's one particular spot you have to hit it. Does it actually make a different sound for when you hit the armor vs. hitting a wall? It doesn't sound like that to me, but it might be helpful. Sometimes I'm not quite sure if I'm actually in the right spot since it also really loves to hang out near walls and corners. Anyway this game is still fantastic. Haven't had this much fun with an audiogame in a really long while. Good job! Maybe I'll try my hand at making one myself!

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Yeah you are totally right, the Warthog should have a different sound for when it hits the armor... We completely forgot to fix that!  
EDIT: Just fixed that. We had the sound ready to go, just forgot to add a line in a script.

Wow, really glad to hear that! Thanks for playing! it's comments like these that make it easy to love making games. =D

If you're interested in making stuff, definitely go for it!

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Greetings. The game's movimentation is very intuitive now. The attack button is also working fine. I imagine some of the sounds are placeholders for now, but the water sound is a bit loud. I'm not sure how that would be done, but is there a way to add a sound to indicate proximity to walls and obstacles in general? Bumping into things can be deadly when facing multiple enemies.

Best regards, Haramir.

Thanks for the Feedback!
Sound is definitely something we need to remix to not be obnoxiously different in volume.

Yeah, obstacle and wall proximity are really important. We're currently considering options for letting the player Choose to detect wall proximity, like some sort sonar button that announces distance to the wall or similar.
We don't want it to be constant noise, but we're looking at how other games handle it.


The game works well so far. The only thing I would consider is changing the rotation to shift plus a and d instead of q and e, it would be alot easier for turning quickly.

Best regards, Haramir.


Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, we were experimenting with both those control schemes, and couldn't decide whether A and D should rotate, or if Q and E should do it.

But your vote has been cast. ;)


I'd vote to let a and d to sidestep and shift plus a and shift plus d to rotate.

Best regards, Haramir.